5 questions to answer before contacting a Hyderabad Real Estate Company? | Subhagruha

5 questions to answer before contacting a Hyderabad Real Estate Company? | Subhagruha

22nd May, 2022

Hyderabad is the hotbed of modern day accommodations. As the city is growing in stature, economy is surging and new jobs are created, there is an extending demand of living places in Hyderabad.

However, finding a convenient, comfortable, safe and secure living place is a mammoth task. There is a long checklist that you have to tick before finalizing your dream home from a reliable Hyderabad real estate company. And as Hyderabad is expanding without a pause, you can often get deceived by the big promises and lucrative deals.

Don’t freak out. We have come up with five questions which will help you to understand your need and zoom in a good Hyderabad Real Estate Company. Here they are-

1) How long the company have been in the business?

This should be your first and foremost question to any real estate company whom you are approaching. More they are in the business, better your chances to grab a good living space.

Real Estate is a challenging business field. From land to construction, there is an array of challenges that only an experienced real estate organization can overcome to deliver a good apartment for happy living.

So before signing the papers, you must enquire about their experience. Miss it and you will find yourself in the middle of delay in delivery, lame excuses from the agents and what not.

2) What geographic areas and types of properties do they handle?

It’s true Hyderabad is expanding fast.

But, if you are an employee or you have aged parents in your home or you are aspiring to give your children good education, you would never like to live in remote areas. You need amenities and also a peaceful place to live, far away from the chaos and pollution of the city. Can your preferred real estate company deliver you a such project?

Find it out. Often they promise to provide you a heaven and then land you in a remote place. Avoid such disaster with thorough inspection on their location and features. Figure out whether their promises are matched with their real project.

You must have a good knowledge on your need and demand and figure out your preferred real estate company can deliver them or not.

3) How many Clients have they Helped?

If you have doubts over their capabilities and deliveries, you should seek information on their previous projects. And even if you feel supremely confident, you should never hold yourself to go and do little investigation. Don’t hesitate and dive deep to know about their past works.

  • Where they have built projects?
  • How well the amenities are there?
  • What’s the feedback of the present residents?

If your real estate company has good testimonials from their existing plot-owners or house-owners, you have all the good reasons to trust them.

Go and figure out all the answers which will influence your living in your dream house.
It’s better to know the challenges first than experiencing them later.

4) What’s the cost?

Living in Hyderabad will be costly. Accepted!

But, that should never make you bankrupt. So, it’s better to stay away from those fraudulent real estate agents and companies who ask for over the top prices.

Good real estate companies in Hyderabad with proven record will provide you flats in reasonable price.

Compare the prices before giving your final “Yes”. There is always a better option. Grab them before someone else make it own.

5) Who will maintain the project post delivery?

When you buy a flat from real estate agent or a company, there is a plethora of challenges which you have to address! It’s better to resolve them now.

  • Figure out who will maintain the project and the flat after the delivery?
  • Will it be the real estate company or the respective association?
  • How long it will take before switching the project from the real estate to the association?

More you will collect the information, better you will evaluate the Real Estate company before signing any deal. Finding your dream home is always an uphill task. It requires patience and a thorough research. With our five questions, we hope you will have a better roadmap to unlock the door of your dream home and finding a trustworthy Real Estate Company in Hyderabad

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