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11th January, 2023

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, was known as the only global centre for the trade of precious and valued items such as diamonds, emeralds as well as natural pearls where many traditional and ancestral bazaars are also located within and around this city.


Following traditionally and contemporary structural knowledge of building paces up with the demands of hospitals, restaurants, schools, malls, the rapid growth in the industrial and urban development sectors in Hyderabad calls for open area plot investments. Now, for reasonable, easy and smart choices regarding investments, which offers a higher rates of quality that are comparatively less expensive as compared to investments in the other estates, Subhagruha Sukrithi Ayatana is where one might find their perfect match.


Subhagruha is one of the most trustworthy and famed real estate companies and it provides best ventures in the fields of investing in 2022. Presently they are working on the plot near Sangareddy. There are multiple plots available for sale that are present in or near Sangareddy, where Ayatana is surely the best involvement for selection.


The well named Telugu Mega Star, Chiranjeevi is the Brand Ambassador of the Subhagruha Company. It is certainly an achievement and a promise to their authentic service to have Chiranjeevi with them. As, along with the team of 500 competent people from diverse backgrounds including highly-qualified engineers, architects, chartered accountants, and MBAs, Subhagurha has been creating integrated townships and are committed to nurturing housing and real estate quality in various parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana.


With the thought "A slice of paradise that’s worthy of being your lifetime choice." Ayatana provides additional benefits along with the necessities such as pepsi Co, ORR, IIT, GITAM University, and MRF. They provide easy connectivity to Patancheru, Chandanagar, Financial District, BHEL, Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City, Lingampalli, and Narisingi Junction to ease the transportation.


The high spot about Subhagruha is that it is on 24/7 surveillance with all necessities available in proximal distances, such as Avenue plantation, BT roads, street lights, compound walls and children's park which are indeed additional perks that reasons with all the habitation there.


With the vision for the betterment of every individuals, families, and communities and redefine lifestyle through building world-class real estate solutions. They hope to engage in issues of the people to live in an outstanding living environment.





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