How Regional Ring Road (RRR) enhance Hyderabad Real Estate & its surrounding regions – Subhagruha.com

How Regional Ring Road (RRR) enhance Hyderabad Real Estate & its surrounding regions – Subhagruha.com

22nd May, 2022


A quotation says, that a house becomes a home when it is a heaven for love, memories, and happiness. In real life we are trying hard to establish needy things such as a house, Vehicle, suitable school for children etc. to lead a complete  life for long last living with our loved dependents. If we talk about the compulsory need in our life, certainly we wish to have a beautiful house for our living! Isn’t it?   

Why do people like to have a house in Hyderabad?

People living in Hyderabad are desirous to own a house for dwelling. Many people rented and migrants to the city steadily increasing day-by-day. The living population is high compared to other suburbs of Telangana. The employment opportunities in Hyderabad high as many as Companies, Industries, and Start-up evolving with multiple opportunities for off-citizens and in-citizens of Hyderabad. 

About government move on Real Estates:

Survey says, that the development of Hyderabad has restricted within the city due to its limited space and hasn’t connected for the development of the people in neighbor towns around. Realizing the factor, in view of achieving the socio-economic growth of the city, the government started its move with the aim of connecting the surrounding town and districts for encouraging infrastructural development of real estates, global business opportunities, and economic and political development of Hyderabad city.

About government move on real estates in Hyderabad:

RRR Helps to connect cities and backward districts nearby Hyderabad..

In order to infrastructure development of the Hyderabad city, a stretch of 338 km with 11,000 cores sanctioned by the government to develop the Regional Ring Road(RRR) in December 2018. However, Hyderabad city is developing rapidly with more population and the demand took place for housing. The RRR is also connected to the ORR(Outer Ring Road).

According to the Telangana government, out of Hyderabad is undeveloped. Educates and entrepreneurs suffer with lack of employment and business opportunities.

Recognizing the real factor, the Telangana government has started its move to develop the RRR in view of connecting neighbor cities and districts through the well-accessed roads. Which will help to achieve infrastructural development activities such as employment, trading, health care, and quality education etc. for these suburbs. 

Impact of Regional Ring Road on Hyderabad real estate:

Regional ring road proposed areas, Sangareddy, Narsapur, Gajwel, Jagadevpur, Bhuvanagiri, Choutuppal, Ibrahimpatnam, Chevella, Shankarpalli, Yacharam, Kadthal, Shadnagar, Pamena, Malkapur, Bhongir, Toopran, and Kandi. Now the people are keen to identify their own housing for good settlement. In addition to the local citizens, migrants are also looking for the best ventures to accomplish dream of owning a beautiful house. In this juncture, Subhagruha stood behalf of people to support the growth of backward regions connected to the RRR by venturing gated communities, apartment projects, and villas at best prices. 

Subhagruha successful projects/Ventures:

Project: Sukrithi Ananthika,

Location: Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the largest city of telangana growing as a metro city with more intervention of the government. People used to call ” bhagyanagaram”. The city has a huge demand for housing with world-class facilities for the development of city dwellers of Hyderabad. It was a place to settle down with love and peace that exists in the city apart from huge employment and business opportunities.

sukrithi ananthika venture in hyderabad, telangana
sukrithi ananthika venture in hyderabad, telangana

Central and state governments were moving with support funds for the infrastructural development of Hyderabad. The lively city is growing with the IT Sector, Electrical Industries etc.

Recognizing the huge demand for housing in ” bhagyanagaram ‘, Ananthika is our project presenting with the aim of providing a best-sophisticated home with all facilities to our beloved customers of Hyderabad. We have started the project near the high way of Hyderabad. The Ananthika has National Highway Facing with a splendid look that resembles sunshine. 

Subhagruha most successful projects:

Sukrithi Advika, Sukrithi Nivas: Phase II, Sukrithi Avanthika, Sukrithi Saanvi, Sukrithi Avanthi, Sukrithi Royal

Subhagruha believes, providing an elite lifestyle to the customer by creating a functional township with all necessary facilities is our most priority. Having huge experience in the construction field, Subhagruha made it as a benchmark in constructions by using quality material, modern architecture etc. Using green architecture in constructions articulates Subhagruha constructions are friendly to our nature.

subhagruha successful projects

People like to have a home to lead a happy life. When the people trying to choose for the best house, it may successful and sometimes unsuccessful. Subhagruha is working hard for customer satisfaction by resolving all your housing needs with the best solutions for your accommodation. Quality makes our life perfect. Subhagruha is familiar with research people’s mindsets in order to provide a best and better housings.   

Subhagruha ongoing projects:

Project: Sukrithi Sahithi

Location: Hyderabad

We want to make your dreams come true with “Sukrithi Sahithi” is one of our ongoing successful project of Subhagruha in Hyderabad city. Constructing with contrived workers who experts in the construction field. We strongly say that the project is being placed at the best location for the comfort of our customers desirous in owning a home. We just do not want to say with our words, but speaks our “Spoken homes” with sophisticated facilities.

Sukrithi Ayatana is new venture in Hyderabad

If you have interested to buy a house, prefer Subhagruha ventures which are more realistic at price and affordable. Best accommodations are waiting for your dream of owning a beautiful home for your loved family members. Be a part of a deserved among the dwellers of RRR.

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